Let them eat cake!

Author: Brook Hudson

Welcome to the La Fleur Academy blog and website! I am so thrilled, that after 10 years of dreaming about this moment, I’m finally able to open my very own finishing school. Yes, I know the phrase “finishing school” sounds old-fashioned. But after racking my brain all summer, I really haven’t come up with a better term. So let’s call it what it is…La Fleur is a finishing school for girls of all ages. But, it’s a modern take on an old concept. Rather than finishing girls to be the ideal wife, mother or secretary (as finishing schools of old once did), we are in the business of finishing girls to be the very best version of themselves, no matter what direction they take in life. In fact, we believe that the fast-paced culture in which girls are living and competing today requires them to have the edge that finishing school will help them develop.

People are kind of like cupcakes. Cupcakes are made of cake and icing. Maybe even some sprinkles. The cake is the foundation – usually involves eggs, flour, milk, sugar and some kind of flavoring. When you see a pan of would-be cupcakes without the icing, what do you think? You probably wonder if they are really ready to eat…or if maybe you should wait until they are iced. Why? Because it’s the icing (and the sprinkles) that enhances the flavor of the cake and makes the experience of enjoying a cupcake truly delightful. People are like cupcakes because we all bring the foundational cake, made up of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and aspirations. All of those ingredients come together in unique ways to make us individuals. And, even without the icing we are pretty darn good. But, when we do have the icing – or the finishing – it takes our experience to a new level. All of the goodness within us, our “cake” if you will, is enhanced.

That’s what finishing school is all about – enhancing what each student brings to the table so that people around them see more clearly what makes them unique individuals who are ready for the challenges and opportunities that life provides…in much the same way that when we see an iced and spinkled cupcake, we know it’s ready for the dessert buffet.

So what have I been up to for the past 10 years that has caused me to put off this dream for so long? Well, 10 years ago, I was 20. I was writing my undergraduate honors thesis on Miss America and Women’s Empowerment which inspired my approach to La Fleur Academy. During that time, I also managed to win Miss Nebraska; start a career in marketing and communications; buy a house and have a puppy; complete my MBA at Creighton; meet my prince charming and convince him to marry me. Sigh. My 20s were busy years. Looking back, I realize that they were great years in terms of how they prepared me for this new phase in my life. Now I’m ready to settle in to married life and help girls in our community prepare to cover even more ground than I did! It’s been an amazing journey so far – I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with your daughter. I hope you’ll consider having her join me.



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2 Responses to “Let them eat cake!”

  1. rsmdesigns@huntel.net says:

    I did a really good job raising you. Dad helped! Love the website. Lots of good infomation and fun to read. So proud of you!!

  2. omahajoe says:

    Great site. Looking forward to seeing more icing in Omaha!

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