Dancing with the [gulp] stars??

Author: Brook Hudson

Last January, in a weak moment, I said yes to Elizabeth Edwards of Omaha Ballroom when she asked me to participate in “Dancing with the Omaha Stars.”  It’s a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House…and I’ve never been one to say no to Ronald.  His french fries are irresistable.

In October I got a call from a Christopher and he announced that he was going to be my dance instructor (and I had thought/hoped they forgot about me!).  I’m sure you can sense my apprehension by now.  When I told my mom I was going to do this – she laughed in my face!  That wasn’t exactly the supportive response I was looking for. 

Allow me to describe my “dance” history:

  • Exhibit A:  Somehow I managed to make the pom-pom squad in high school.  When I realized I couldn’t do the moves without silently mouthing 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8…I knew I was in over my head.
  • Exhibit B:  My signature move on the dance floor at age 30 is a combo “shoulder dance” and “snow ski” move.  I even have sound effects to go with it.  Come down to Nomad on a Saturday night and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.
  • Exhibit C (the most aggregious piece of evidence):  Back in my pageant days they always made us learn an opening number that we contestants performed as a group. It usually involved some kind of ridiculous costume and an overly-enthusiastic self-introduction.  We have actual video of me, a  good beat or two behind, looking at the other contestants for cues on the next move.  The worst part was that I was often in the front row because I’m short.  There was no where to hide! 

Nor will there be anywhere to hide on January 22 when I hit the ballroom floor with Christopher.  The good news is that I can count to eight, as Exhibit A demonstrated.  I also spent a few years in voice lessons, so I have some sense of rhythm.  So we’ll see how this goes.  Christopher is teaching me the tango, which I understand is the dance of love from Argentinian brothels.  Lovely.  It’s been fun so far.  We’ve had two lessons and I’ve already picked up a few moves.  I’m just struggling with this whole “let him lead” thing. 

The big benefit from all of my dancing experiences is that they’ve taught me to not take myself so seriously.  I might look silly, but I’m still going to have fun.  That’s the same attitude I’m taking in to this competition – I’lll keep you posted on how these lessons go.  I’m going to give this my best shot…for Ronald.

Bon Soir!

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2 Responses to “Dancing with the [gulp] stars??”

  1. Brook Hudson says:

    Very funny mom!!

  2. rsmdesigns@huntel.net says:

    I think I am very supportive. I laughed because I have seen you in action!!

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