The La Fleur Philosophy is founded on principles Brook learned while competing in the Miss America program.  As an undergraduate student, she conducted a research study on Miss America contestants from the 1960, 1980 and 2000 competitions.  What she found was that contestants in every era tended to be more empowered than their contemporaries.  She realized everyday girls and women could benefit from the same skills learned by pageant contestants…but without the rigors of competition.

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Brook teaches young women key skills – from body language and communication, to proper skincare and personal style – that will help them lead a more poised and confident life.  Classes are designed to empower and encourage students to confront areas that cause  anxiety and insecurity in many women.

Girls often wonder…What can I do to make the latest trends my own?  When am I going to have a good hair day?  Will my skin ever stop breaking out?  Why do I feel so awkward?  How can I deal with bullies and gossip?

Parents often wonder…How can I encourage my daughter to dress more appropriately?  Where can my daughter learn techniques for age-appropriate hair and make-up styles?  What should I do to teach my daughter to be more confident?

La Fleur Academy can help you and your daughter answer all of these questions and more.  For more information, email

Curriculum Overview

Exploration of Presence • Poise and Deportment • Skincare • Make up • Hair Care • Fashion • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations • Communication • Correspondence • Social Media Savvy • Presentation Skills• Dining Etiquette • The Gracious Guest • Party Planning 101

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