Congrats! You’ve stumbled upon La Fleur Academy, a finishing school for girls of all ages.  What’s a finishing school you ask?  It has nothing to do with wood working…and everything to do with developing self-confidence in today’s young ladies.  To learn more about the concept, click here.

It all began as an idea Brook Hudson, La Fleur Academy founder, had in her early 20’s while competing in the Miss America pageant system and finishing college.  She realized that all young women could benefit from the secrets to success that pageant contestants employ.  The curriculum she has developed is based upon lessons learned as a pageant contestant, in her role as a marketing professional and as a graduate of an east coast finishing school.

La Fleur Academy offers classes for tweens, teens, college coeds and young professional women.  To learn more, email Brook@lafleuracademy.com.

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